A Dance in the Kitchen, Joyful World Cooking


There are a lot of cookbooks, but not many like this. A Dance in the Kitchen, Joyful World Cooking, is a celebration of fusion cooking; a blend of world flavors and philosophy, doled out by a joyous chef. He focuses on balancing flavors, textures, aroma, appearance and nutrition to delight those who are eating and thus promote good digestion which in turn contributes considerably to good health.. There are chapters on technique, sauces, the history of food, the politics of food, as well as presentation. Most of these recipes are relatively easy and were tested and eaten by ordinary people. The author almost always had a young assistant and they and others ate the finished products, and commented upon them. All the cooking was done in a galley kitchen with only a few feet of counter space. If it can be done there, it can be done anywhere.


Cooking, like anything else in life, is all about passion. When we cook for our loved ones, and ourselves we’re doing more than just providing food; we’re creating an experience. I love food and am lucky enough to be a married to a chef. But for those who aren’t so lucky, there’s cookbooks to show you how to be passionate in your cooking.

I loved this cookbook for many reasons. The recipes and valuable cooking information was well-laid out and I even tried a few. Chef Robert doesn’t talk down to the reader (as some chefs do) and his passionate words inspire you to have fun.

***** N.N. Light 9/25/15

A Dance in the Kitchen: Joyous World Cooking by Robert Dove McClellan is not like many other cookbooks. It is one of fusion cooking, with a blend of flavors and a bit of philosophy thrown in. The recipes are easy to make and are quite good. There are great chapters to read and great recipes to try. Once you begin using some of these recipes you’ll be doing more of them and sharing with family and friends. This would make a great gift to give at any time of the year. I gave this 4 stars and recommend it to everyone.                                                                                                                                                                                                             ***** Coco, 9/17/15