The Cooking Book: A Dance in the Kitchen

The Cooking BookThe Cooking Book: A Dance in the Kitchen (a philosophy of cooking as well as some practical instruction), 2004
From the Chapter on Celebrations
When I was growing up, the location of the major holiday celebrations moved from one family member to the another.  One Christmas, it was great aunt Bella’s turn.  Bella was a really good cook, so we eagerly anticipated the feast.  But that year, she had invited an Italian family new to the neighborhood to join us.  So, as we sat down to feast, we were treated to an antipasto which seemed to take up the entire table.  Not wanting to appear uneducated, we gorged ourselves on all sorts of unfamiliar delicacies:  cured, aged, pickled, roasted and everything beautifully arranged.  Then out came the lasagna and bread and salad.  Once again, we ate heartily.  So it was an Italian Christmas; we could cope.  Except, that the Italians wanted to fit in and so after we had eaten to bursting, they brought out the turkey and all the things that go with it!  This sort of feasting inevitably leads to fasting!”